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Man controlling device via has smartwatch
Man controlling device via his smartwatch

Content marketing is more than an advert, it’s concerning revealing your presence to your customers, instead of simply telling them. The approach businesses have in interaction with their audiences has been modified. With the widespread convenience of social media, firms currently ought to be a lot clear to their customers if they have loyalty and confidence as a result. 

It is a significant challenge to create material that draws prospective customers. wherever Best computer programme improvement practices area unit vital for many organizations within the current era to follow. the increase of voice search is evolving year by year. Started by. The introduction of IBM’s Watson in 2010 followed by Google launched Voice Search and Apple free Siri for the iPhone 4S, the primary digital personal assistant.

This was followed in 2014 by Cortana from Microsoft and Amazon Echo, and currently, Amazon Alexa to be the leading Voice Search Technology within the market. thus operating to require advantage of the new opportunities may be a challenge in digital selling with new technological advances per annum that change the borders of business. The widespread acceptance of voice search technology that had a good impact on web use has triggered one in every one of these shifts within the business, therefore firms would be well-advised to stay tuned in to the modifications and prepare consequently.

How important is voice search?

Voice Search. Male Hand Holding Digital Tablet Computer Using Vocal Recognition App Over Blue Studio Background.

When looking at user convenience, it is important to note that thanks to the integration of voice recognition software in multiple platforms, individuals go through versatile experiences via many different channels.

The accessibility and ease of simply voicing your concerns or questions are unprecedented in describing any problem. For example, would you prefer speaking to a doctor when explaining your condition or would you write it down? The answer is quite simple as it is in our nature to seek convenience wherever we possibly can.

Not to mention, the solution to the query obtained is much quicker as well, naturally reducing bounce rates and retaining the potential consumer for longer. This way, the user is satisfied with his answer as it matches closely with the words he uttered, which in turn, is favorable for the business to improve customer relations and feedback.

Here are some statistics to further emphasize the importance of voice search:

  • 58% of consumers employed the use of voice search for finding contact details among other info for local businesses within the last year.
  • In the US,71% of individuals lying in the 18-29 age group use mobile virtual assistants.
  • Using smart home speakers, around 22% of consumers purchased a product.
  • The future holds an even more promising prospect for voice searches when the concept is applied to marketing strategies
  • 20% of all search queries online are voice-based. By 2020, that figure is predicted to change to 50% which will make voice search technically as relevant as typed searches.
  • The voice-based smart speaker market globally is forecasted to reach $30 billion in revenue by 2024.
  • Voice-enabled shopping is expected to rise to $40 billion in revenue generated by 2022.

Voice Search impacts on SEO


Voice technology is well suited to follow daily language use with enhanced and effective voice recognition systems, so users may send commands as if they were talking to a human being. Emerging technologies are aiming to enhance the user experience in any area of possible uncertainty. Business strategist and web trends specialist Mary Meeker’s 2018 Web Trends Study found that 70% of English language voice searches were made in realistic or communicative language.

Usually, the spoken language is not as precise as the written word, so questions are longer than three or four keyword searches for graphical user interfaces (GUI). According to Backlinko, voice searches presently average 29 words in length. By using more long-tail keywords, SEO analysts would need to adapt, that the larger the keyword phrases are the higher the likelihood of conversion.

The Bottom Line

Google Search

Voice Search optimization may be a relatively new technology that will simply still become a lot of currents as time goes on. If you expect your business to grow – or to continue growing – then you actually shouldn’t avoid the adoption of this technology. It’s closely connected with SEO practices, therefore incorporating voice search optimization currently extremely simply offers you a more robust shot at engaging your customers, and at turning into a lot of visible online.

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