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Social Media
Social Media

India is one of every one of the emerging countries in terms of using the web over time. Today, customers spend longer on online purchases or book hotels or transport reservations and lots of a lot of things are happening over it and therefore the estimate is that within the coming back years the strength of exploitation internet can grow at a fast pace. because the knowledge rates have gotten lower and therefore the speed of the internet is improving, attracts numerous customers to itself and inclined the shoppers to the world of the web.

As the rate of online looking is increasing at associate threat rate that disappears a wise interaction between the corporate and therefore the final customers that will increase the challenge for them to move with customers curiously so that they’ll stay intact with the company for several years. So, the corporate is taking note and taking measures during this space so that they’ll retain their customers for the long run that could be a key consider the success of the company. 

Following are the measures that the corporate is taking in this space are –


Social media is one of the most important platforms in promoting goods or services. It has a power of wide reach to the targeted audience. It is one of the mediums to create brand awareness among the customers in an inexpensive method. Most Indians are using various social networking websites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and extracting the benefit from these websites. So, the companies are using this as a tool to interact with their customers and retain them for a longer period to compete with their competitors.


Mobile is a pocket-friendly device and folks have access all the time thus it’s a good medium to stay connected with the customers. companies are launching their personalized app so that they’ll offer them attractive discounts notification and always update them from the new arrival. Through this, they’ll additionally know about the customer’s preference by cookies that help them offer a lot of suggestions for a sleek searching experience.


Companies are exploiting new and updated techniques to act with their potential customers and retain them by interactive and potent messages. companies are victimization numerous ways by sending potent messages to their customers and checking out to take care of a relationship between customers and firms. all told this stuff, a negotiator plays a vital role in mitigating the gap between the shoppers and therefore the company by causing enticing messages by email and SMS service.


Customer Services
Customer Services

Now a day, no one can deny the importance of reviews in influencing the buying behavior of customers. The value of reviews is equal to the advertisement with a celebrity. Before taking the final decision regarding the purchase of the product, buyers go through with the reviews so that they can have a clear idea about the product. A review can be bad or good, depicts the value of the product so customer review management plays a crucial role in it. They take correct measures to satisfy the customers this helps in creating a healthy bond between customers and company and helps in sustaining a good relationship.


Companies are using the power of customer support as the assistance provided after-sales service which helps the customers to get service at their doorstep. This convenience is provided by connecting to the call center. All communication system is connected such as SMS, email, or a phone call to know any query which may face by the consumers after their purchase.

This helps in building a strong relationship and influences the customer to purchase another product of the same brand. This is necessary to sustain the old customers and help in grabbing the new ones.

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